Arena Breakout: Infinite Beta Signups

Tencent subsidiary MoreFun Studios announces Arena Breakout: Infinite will launch soon, promising "the the most visually stunning and immersive FPS experience that isn’t in a perpetual alpha state," which is a nice cynical flourish. The game's Steam Listing is live calling this an MMO, and the official website is now accepting signups for a beta test expected to begin next month. The Closed Beta Announcement Trailer is here, chock full of cinematic random. The description of the game emphasizes realism and support for fair play:
In Arena Breakout: Infinite, enter the Dark Zone and become the deadliest soldier of fortune known to man. As a highly skilled military operative, journey into the war-torn Kamona region where high stakes equal high rewards. Pull the trigger, take cover, and move ahead. Break into combat arenas to extract high-value items and strike it rich… but be prepared to fight for survival.

Uncompromised Immersion: Breach the Dark Zone and explore combat arenas brought to life with exceptional detail, from real-time lighting to 360 spatial sound effects. Feel the pull of every trigger with an unprecedented degree of realism. Arena Breakout: Infinite delivers intensity and thrill unlike any other FPS game on PC.

Ultra-Realistic Military Simulation: There’s no such thing as an easy payday in Infinite. Survive intricate, detailed and highly tactical firefights by customizing every weapon detail with over 500 accessories. Change rifle stocks, sight placement, custom barrels, muzzle brakes and more to fine tune firing stability, accuracy, and effective range. Utilize stimpacks and battlefield medkits to patch-up wounds from firefights and keep moving. Even the smallest advantage can mean the difference between being rich or being dead.

Long-Term Community Support: In this high-stakes experience, fair competitive play will always be encouraged and vigilantly enforced. Anti-cheat measures, data tracking, game reports and more were made with the player in mind. Infinite represents an all-in commitment to launching the first viable tactical FPS on Steam that’s accessible, content-complete and free of issues like cheating, bugs, poor servers and more that longtime fans of the tactical-shooting genre have sadly grown accustomed to.