Prison Architect 2 Delayed

The Paradox Interactive Forums have the news that the launch of Prison Architect 2 is being delayed, using the joke about being denied by the parole board before we could. The incarceration simulation was due on May 7th, but no longer has a release date. We're told to expect more on this during a stream next week. The news is a little confusing, since it says the launch builds are "certified on all platforms and are ready to release." But it also says "some issues regarding memory usage and minimum spec configurations experiencing more failures have emerged," leading to the delay as well as questions about the certification process. Players who rolled the dice on preordering are entitled to refunds. You can request one on Steam, while refunds on consoles will be automatic. An unintentionally comedic note adds: "Pre-orders will still be available, but you will need to purchase the game again to secure the pre-order bonus." Here's more:
In light of the memory usage issue, and minimum spec configuration failures, we therefore made the decision to postpone the game. This extra development time will make sure we can:

  • Raise the MTBF to make sure the game is more stable.
    • This includes focusing on resolving crashes, freezes, and other play-halting issues.
  • Share more of the development with you, our players, through streams and additional developer diaries.
  • Put more time into further developing some of the existing features that we know can be improved.
    • We’ll be telling you more about this in an upcoming stream on the 25th of April at 16:30 CEST /10:30 EST.