Tricky Madness Demo

A Steam Listing is now live for Tricky Madness, an upcoming arcade snowboarding game inspired by classics of the genre like SSX and 1080. This is from solo developer Nathan Dearth, and players can have a near-dearth experience by checking out the demo on Here's a Re-announcement Trailer suggesting there's some déjà vu here, but we're not up to speed on that. Here's word on this game's aspirations to be the same old grind:
Tricky Madness is a love letter to the beloved snowboarding games of the early 2000s. Taking inspiration from what made them so good, fans of earlier titles will feel right at home in this refreshed interpretation with a familiar tricking system and iconic snowboarding tricks. With more polished gameplay, modern graphics, and modern system accessibility, Developer Nathan Dearth says he’s “ready to bring people the ultimate modern arcade snowboarding experience they've waited decades for.”