Dead Island 2 SoLA Launches

The SoLA expansion is now available on the Epic Games Store, adding new content to the Windows edition of Dead Island 2, the zombie-infested sequel set on the island of Los Angeles. The add-on is also available for consoles, and since Dead Island 2 is launching next week on Steam, the expansion will arrive there at the same time. The news is covered on the PlayStation.Blog where there's a SoLA Launch Trailer showing how this will let you rock out with your Glock out. Here's word:
Stage dive into the heart of SoLA, the ultimate Californian music festival, built upon ancient grounds...
Stalking the pulsating heart of LA's final rave is a psychedelic beat that has unleashed total chaos, leaving nothing but a rotting crater of gore and a malevolent presence haunting the shadows. Something is out there and it’s still hungry.
Are you ready to face the music and battle the darkness that raves at the edge of reality? Find out in this second story expansion for Dead Island 2.