Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode Beta

Bay12 Games announces the launch of a beta adventure mode for Dwarf Fortress, the hardcore RPG/sim for Windows and Linux. This trailer takes a tiny look at how this takes players beyond the fortress, offering instructions on how to opt-in. Here's a pertinent warning: "Keep in mind this is very much a beta and still in active development. There are features from Classic Adventure Mode and planned new features that have not made their way to the Steam version yet. We will be updating the beta frequently with hotfixes, new menus, audio and art as well as fixing the inevitable bugs." Here's what to expect:
The beta for Adventure Mode is now live on Steam. Create a character and freely roam the rich simulated world you have made a home in during your Fortress Mode save or start fresh in a newly generated world.

If you already own Dwarf Fortress on Steam, you will be able to play the beta. To access the beta, right click Dwarf Fortress in your Steam library -> Properties -> Betas -> dropdown list and select "beta - Public beta branch”. No password needed. Steam should automatically begin downloading the beta!