Rauniot Released

Rauniot is now available on GOG.com* and Steam, launching a point-and-click adventure for Windows from Act Normal Games. This is an alternate-history game set in 1970s Finland after an apocalyptic disaster puts humanity on the brink of extinction. The Release Trailer shows off some puzzle-solving gameplay and the description answers a few questions, but what caused this disaster is not one of them:
Rauniot takes you back to 1975 where a devastating natural disaster finally pushed civilization over the edge; continents were drowned by seas; heavy pollution has spread because of collapsed nuclear power plants and subsequent explosion. Hardly anyone has survived. The survivors are scratching a living. It was only a matter of time before riots, conflicts and wars decimated the planet. In this post-apocalyptic nightmare, children are born mutated or dead, often taking their mothers with them; fathers walk alone in bitterness and sorrow – some even driven to cannibalism as food resources slowly run out. In this sad new world nature and humanity are struggling to survive and find balance.

Rauniot challenges you to play as struggling protagonist Aino, a survivor lucky enough to be part of a group. Trust is like a razors edge, but collaboration is critical to provide protection, find food, clean water, medicine, electricity, and crucial knowledge to progress. The only thing preventing you from total isolation during these dangerous journeys are guile and determination. Have you got what it takes to master everything Rauniot throws at you?
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