OutRage: Fight Fest Demo

There's now a playable demo on Steam for OutRage: Fight Fest, a party brawling game for Windows from Hardball Games. This is not a mano a mano fighting game, it's a 16-player riot with support for free-for-all, team-based, and battle royale modes. There's also comedy along with physics-based mayhem which is shown off in this trailer. Here's word on the game and this new sample:
OutRage: Fight Fest is the world’s first, 16-player beat-em-up, Mega-Brawler where players punch, kick, throw, use a whole host of weapons and the destructible levels around them to party-up in hilarious, short-session, Battle Royale, Free for All and Team-Based game modes. Players cause damage to each other and the world around them to earn ‘Rage’. As their ‘Rage’ increases they’ll bulk up, hit harder and throw bigger in chaotic smash sessions where everything is a weapon.

This two-mode teaser gives players the chance to take part in a 4-player Survival match where only one contestant can be left standing. They can also try out the 8-player, team-based Domination mode where they’ll need to work together to capture and control points, or jump into the training area to hone their fighting skills.