Kingsgrave Released

Steam now features the launch of Kingsgrave, a fantasy adventure for Windows and macOS inspired by the Zelda series. This heritage and the game's admittedly "gloomy" atmosphere can be seen in the Launch Trailer. You get a 10% discount if you pick this up over the next week. Here's the sales pitch:
Kingsgrave is a gloomy 2D RPG inspired by the classics, with puzzles and gated exploration that are approachable yet provide a satisfying challenge. Players will traverse the fractured lands to gain more power and combat skills, slay foes created by plague, solve various puzzles, and rebuild villages along the way.

Arise, mighty monarch, from your prolonged slumber. A dreadful disease has struck the kingdom and taken away people's lives. Your lands have wilted, the rest of the subjects have abandoned their houses, and monsters created by fragments of diseased souls have come in their places, swallowing up all living beings. It is time, king, to awake and unite the fractured lands, vanquish the darkness, and lead your people to prosperity like old times. The fate of your realm depends on you!