Hades II Technical Test Signups

A post on Steam announces signups are now underway for technical testing of Hades II, the upcoming sequel to Supergiant Games' surprise smash-hit action/RPG. The test will run on Steam, and you can request access there if you want to participate. Word is a small group will be invited to start and more players will be added as it goes on. Here are some details:
The Technical Test contains the first major area of the game, and other early-game characters, systems, and content. (If you played the original game, imagine a version where you couldn't get past Tartarus even if you vanquished its guardian.) If you end up clearing the first major area a number of times, the game will gently suggest that you discontinue play, as Early Access shouldn't be far behind!

Note that due to structural differences with the Early Access version of the game, save data from the Technical Test will not transfer.