BioGun Early Access

Early Access to BioGun is now underway on Steam, kicking off this action/platformer for Windows and Linux. This is a take on the Fantastic Voyage formula where you play as a "smart vaccine" doing combat inside a stricken dog. The Early Access Trailer shows this in action. Here's the super dooper news:
We're excited to announce a major breakthrough in the development of the Dooper Virus vaccine. Today marks a pivotal moment as we transition to the next phase in the battle against the Dooper Virus with the commencement of trials to evaluate its efficacy.

Join Bek on his journey to save the entire canine species from extinction brought on by the sinister Dooper Virus. In your journey, you’ll be injected into the zany, hand-drawn microscopic world of a dog suffering from the Dooper Virus, where you’ll encounter germs, cells, winding passages full of vibrant characters, a race against time, and ferocious bosses that will test your gaming skills to the max.