Apple Denies Violating Court Order in Epic Suit

Yahoo Finance reports that Apple is denying accusations from Epic Games that it is in violation of the court ruling against it in Epic's antitrust lawsuit. Apple prevailed on most counts in the suit, but the ruling did say Apple must allow external payment methods for apps sold in its App Store. Last month Epic accused Apple of not living up to the ruling. In response Apple levels accusations it must feel are relevant, calling this an attempt to make Apple's "tools and technologies available to developers for free," and that Epic was asking the court "to micromanage Apple’s business operations in a way that would increase Epic’s profitability." Here's why Epic called for Apple to be held in contempt in the first place:
Epic said in a court filing last month that Cupertino, California-based Apple was in “blatant violation” of the court’s injunction. It pointed to Apple’s imposition of a 27% fee on developers for some purchases, which the video game maker said makes links for alternative payment options "commercially unusable."

Epic also alleged Apple barred some apps from informing users about other ways to pay for goods.

Meta Platforms, Microsoft, Elon Musk’s X and Match Group last month echoed Epic’s arguments, telling Rogers that Apple was in “clear violation” of the court’s order.