Epic Offers Google Injunction Proposal

Epic Games' busy lawyers have also submitted an injunction proposal in a California District Court with helpful suggestions on how the courts should deal with Google's December court defeat in Epic's antitrust lawsuit. The court found Google was unfairly restricting app distribution outside of its own Play Store. Reuters has the details, noting the obvious point that the court has no obligation to enact any part of the proposal: "Donato is not bound to grant Epic's proposal, and a hard fight is likely before any permanent order on Google is issued. But the new filing sets up the next key test of Google's ability to impose controls on app developers and consumers." Here's what Epic put forward:
Epic made its proposal, opens new tab in a court filing on Thursday to U.S. District Judge James Donato in San Francisco, seeking in part to require Google Play Store to allow users more freedom in how they download apps and to limit Google's ability to make agreements with device makers to restrict preloading of competing app stores.1

Epic said in a statement on Friday it should be allowed to bring its Epic Games Store to Android "without delays and barriers." The company also said consumers and developers must have greater control over "how they make and offer in-app purchases, free from anticompetitive fees and restrictions."

Responding to Epic, Google in a statement on Friday said the court filing "shows again that [Epic] simply wants the benefits of Google Play without having to pay for it." Google said "Android is an open mobile platform that faces fierce competition" from Apple and other competitors.