Slapshot: Rebound Leaves Early Access

Slapshot: Rebound is now officially available on Steam following an Early Access run for this free-to-play arcade hockey game (which unfortunately is not based on the cult classic 1977 hockey film starring Paul Newman). Word is: "this 1.0 update introduces the virtual hangout spot, The Pond, a new ranked season, and a matching season pass." The game's simple appearance belies its fidelity, as this is a physics game with no shoot button, no "puck glue," and no RNG, so it's all about controlling a puck that has no motivation to do your bidding. You can check this out in action in the new Slapshot: Rebound Release Trailer. Here's more:
Line up your shot and swing your way to victory in Slapshot: Rebound. The physics-based 3v3 ice hockey game challenges players, giving them total control of their avatars on the controller or mouse and keyboard. With over 1.5 million downloads, a dedicated player base, and three community-run regional esports leagues, Slapshot: Rebound looks to continue its steady track record.

Mingle with other slappers at The Pond, a freeplay open lobby that is available as part of the full release. Previously only accessible through custom lobbies, The Pond can now be joined while queued up for a match or loaded into directly. Pass the time with friends and community members with casual play, or keep those fingers warmed up between matches. Alongside a standard ice hockey rink, an air hockey rink, two target practice areas, and a sumo minigame are available for play.