Out of the Blue

I caught up with the first couple of episodes of the Fallout show last night, and it indeed looks as S.P.E.C.I.A.L. as the early reviews imply. I come away with a couple of meta thoughts on this. First, I'm amused by all the talk about how video games will now be the new source of Hollywood greatness. They are not a magic bullet, just like comic books weren't. The early MCU succeeded thanks to great movies, comic books didn't cause them to be great. The more recent MCU is a disappointment because the movies aren't as good. But the source material hasn't changed. Likewise, movies like Rampage and the first Super Mario Brothers sucked because they were terrible, not because they were adapted from games. And the Fallout show is great because it is extremely well-made. If you had Uwe Boll direct it would be hot garbage, and if you had Jonathan Nolan write House of the Dead it would probably be brilliant. Second, Amazon should probably rethink their ads for subscribers deal, but even if it persists, they need to refine the messaging. Saying this program is brought to you interruption-free 'thanks to the following commercials' is ridiculous. It's like those "as seen on TV" ads that promise to double your order "for free" as long as you "pay an extra charge."

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