Yellow Brick Games Announces Eternal Strands

A Steam Listing is now live for Eternal Strands, offering the promised reveal of what's going on behind the curtain at Yellow Brick Games, the studio co-founded Mike Laidlaw, former Dragon Age creative director. There's an interesting note in the listing about the use of AI for internal development with reassurances that this was all later replaced by live performances. Here's that Game Teaser from last week and there's a gameplay trailer and more on what to expect on IGN First. Here's word from the Eternal Strands Website: "At the heart of Eternal Strands beats a revolutionary new system for gameplay interactions: heat spreads, cold chills, and real-time destruction allows for unprecedented reactivity in combat. Hurl burning tree trunks at enemies with telekinetic, snap nearby trees to block opposing fire, or channel raw telekinetic force to rip boulders from the ground." Here's the description of the game:
Play as Brynn, a young but fearless Weaver, determined to recover her people’s cultural home in the debut fantasy action-adventure title from Yellow Brick Games, a new independent studio founded by industry veterans.

Armed with powerful magical abilities and an arsenal of magical weapons, face enemies that range from humanoid constructs to towering beasts. Use the environment and temperature to your advantage in battles against a diverse roster of fantastical creatures, like turning a dragon’s fiery breath against ice-covered minions. Climb every surface and use arcane skills to create new paths. Explore the world in pursuit of the Enclave’s lost mysteries and challenge giant titans on your journey.