Content Warning Passes 6M Users

Content Warning is now available for its regular price on Steam following the launch of the co-op horror game, yesterday which was free to keep for a stretch. This announcement discusses how the price point appealed to all us cheapskates, saying it was downloaded over six million times while it was free: "Hello everyone! The last 24h have been a wild ride to say the least, never did we imagine that we would get over 200K concurrent and over 6.2 MILLION owners of the game in 24h - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!" This success is impacting the game's performance, and here's an update on the work being done to get things in shape:
Content Warning is made by a very small team of devs (only 5 people) so fixes may take a little while but we promise you we are doing our best to solve the issues.

Currently the main issues we're looking into are:

⚠️Issues with voices
⚠️Connection and hosting issues
⚠️Issues with camera footage not extracting
⚠️Issues with camera footage not being visible

A lot of these we have leads on already and are hoping to have some fixes for tomorrow morning.