Arma Reforger Tiny Wars Joke Turns Serious

Bohemia Interactive announces the old switcheroo on Tiny Wars, the mod announced yesterday as an April Fools' gag. But now that the laughter has faded comes the news that this is an actual project, and a future mod release will allow Arma 3 owners to play plastic soldiers on the floor of the living room in the normally serious military shooter. Here's the Arma Reforger "Tiny Wars" trailer with an updated description, and here's more:
Announced on April Fool's Day, the game mode was presented as being available instantly. However, players soon learned that no trace of the Tiny Wars game was available anywhere. Interpreted as a cruel April Fool's joke, many players expressed their disappointment with Bohemia Interactive and enthusiasm for such a game mode in the future, taking to comments sections and social media to beg for its creation.

Little did they know, the game mode had been ready for release all along, and was made public on April 2nd. Now, players can host their own servers with the Tiny Wars mod, available on the Arma Reforger Workshop, and can also play on three Official Tiny Wars servers hosted by Bohemia Interactive until April 9th. The Capture & Hold game mode pits green toy soldiers and red toy soldiers against one another in a struggle to hold key points in a living room environment, complete with a hand-drawn deployment map.