Saviorless Released

Saviorless is now available on Steam, giving Windows, macOS, and Linux gamers a new action/adventure from Empty Head Games and Dear Villagers. A Launch Trailer takes a look at the game, which is also out for PlayStation 5 and Switch. This was created in Cuba, which came with hardships: "Developing a video game in Cuba presented challenges to Empty Head Games beyond those traditionally faced by developers worldwide, such as daily power outages, lack of technical equipment, very limited internet access (relying on public parks to connect to Wi-Fi networks), and the inability to access any form of international financing or promotion." Here's word on this action/platformer:
Saviorless presents a captivating 2D platformer set in a stylish dark fantasy world. The game features exquisite hand-drawn artwork and animations that enhance the visual experience. Players take on the role of Antar, a determined child aspiring to become a Savior. Embark on a journey through the treacherous path to the forbidden land, the Smiling Islands, overcoming a multitude of obstacles along the way.