Of Life and Land Early Access

Of Life and Land Early Access is now underway on Steam, giving Windows and Linux gamers the chance to get the lay of the land in this settlement building game from Kerzoven and Metaroot. It is described as charming, a quality shown off in the previously released Announcement Trailer. This comes with a 10% launch discount for those who wish to pay less, as well as a supporter pack DLC for those who wish to pay more. Here's the skinny:
Take the role of a leader delegated to build new settlements in remote, unknown corners of the empire. In those forgotten places, nature is wild and legends are more real and vivid than one may think. Experience the challenges of different seasons and climates in a world, where every animal and every plant tries to find their place in nature, while you lead your villagers. How much will you share with nature? Will you strive for balance or even enforce the extinction of certain animals? Follow the old paths… or find your own.