RP7 Demo

Steam now lists RP7, described as a "slot-managing roguelike" as if that's a common genre. But Korean studio Turtle Cream knows it has some explaining to do even after you watch the Early Access Trailer, saying: "If you can't understand the gameplay with the video, don't worry. If you play it, you'll understand super easily." And play it you can, as there's a Windows demo to download right now. Here's more:
In RP7, storytelling and gameplay take on a new and unexpected form. Instead of character control, you can roll seven random encounter slots to create your character's unique story. Roll and re-roll each step of your journey as you plan ahead. With one simple mechanic, you'll experience infinite RPG gameplay and fresh scenarios with each run. Fight monsters, gather gold and treasure, build your loadout, and find your missing pet frog!

RP7 boasts a unique control method with all inputs done on a single row of your keyboard, stretched out horizontally like the buttons on a slot machine. Your character moves forward automatically, it’s up to you to plan ahead and choose the slots that will have an impact on your character. Choose to fight or defend, heal, or gather useful items as your character charges forward and reacts to your inputs.