PO'ed: Definitive Edition Announced

Nightdive Studios seems to be braving the April Fools' headwinds with the announcement that its next classic game remaster will be the restoration of PO'ed, a first-person shooter released in 1995 for 3DO. The PO'ed: Definitive Edition Announcement Trailer is here with a look at some madcap 90s FPS action along with what this looks like with a fresh coat of KEX-Engine paint. This has listings on both GOG.com and Steam, and we're told to stay tuned for a release date. Here's a bit on the game and its remake:

Originally released in 1995, PO’ed is an adrenaline-pumping first-person space shooter that features gameplay elements inspired by generational powerhouses DOOM and QUAKE. PO’ed: Definitive Edition spices up the classic 1995 shooter with updated visuals, antialiasing, increased framerate and redefined controls, and up to 4K 144 FPS performance.

Your ship has been overrun by aliens. Your comrades-in-arms have been annihilated and your soufflé has been ruined! What do you do? Grab your jetpack and rocket launcher and fry those suckers! PO'ed features 16 of the baddest, maddest and most unattractive monsters in the galaxy. Rock-throwing ogres, plasma-shooting robots, giant bats ... and walking butts!