DUCKSIDE Announced

This trailer from tinyBuild games announces DUCKSIDE, a persistent-world survival game where you play as a duck. This is not our first rodeo, and we can read the calendar, so this feels like an April Fools' joke (especially since there's no disclaimer that it isn't a gag). But besides the preposterous premise, this is being sold as a real announcement with no other payoff. There's a complete Steam Listing with a very extensive description that includes signups (which work) for a playtest that's supposed to start on April 18th. So if this is a joke, it's not on us, it's on whoever went to all this trouble. Here are the fowl details:
Over 10 million ducks get killed per year by hunters, a statistic that would be much lower if ducks were combat trained. Enter DUCKSIDE, a persistent world survival game like DayZ or Rust… but you’re a duck, and so is everybody else.

Put those webbed feet to use or take flight across an expansive island, where valuable resources and treasures await any ducks fortunate enough to discover them. But remain vigilant, as both fellow player ducks and the featherless (who refer to themselves as "humans") will stop at nothing to prevent you from laying your wings on any valuables at their expense.