Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition Released

PlayStation.Blog announces the launch of Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for PC, offering Windows gamers the chance to play the previously PlayStation-exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn sequel. This can be picked up on the Epic Games Store and Steam. There's no launch discount, but Steam is offering a reward for linking your Steam and PlayStation accounts. This page outlines the PC enhancements in this edition, and a Launch Trailer takes a look. Here's more:
Horizon Forbidden West continues six months after the events of the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn. Vicious superstorms rage. The land is dying. Machine hunter Aloy has traveled west to investigate the source of a mysterious blight that ravages the remnants of humanity. In these uncharted lands, she will meet strange new tribes and face ever more deadly colossal machines. Together with old friends and new companions, she must brave this awe-inspiring frontier to find the answers she needs, halt the biosphere’s imminent collapse, and save life on Earth.

Unlocked frame rates, ultra-wide support up to 48:9 resolutions and performance-enhancing technologies including NVIDIA DLSS 3 AI-powered upscaling and frame generation allow PC players to experience Aloy’s journey in its full glory on compatible hardware. NVIDIA DLAA is available to help maximize image quality. The game also comes with NVIDIA Reflex, reducing system latency and improving gameplay responsiveness. Intel XeSS and AMD FSR 2.2 upscaling is also supported. The team at Nixxes is working on an update to add AMD FSR 3 with frame generation.