Alpha Protocol Revived

Alpha Protocol has returned, and the updated version of Obsidian's espionage RPG is now available for Windows on* with a 10% (re)launch discount. Originally released in 2010, this was delisted in 2019 due to the expiration of its music rights. GOG explains it put a lot of effort into the revival, including a licensed soundtrack, though it's not clear if this is new, or the game's original music. A trailer called Making a Game Last Forever discusses this work and the issues surrounding game preservation in general. Here's the Launch Trailer and word:
As Michael Thorton, a covert agent, players travel around the globe executing black ops operations to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the world. With RPG elements known from other games made by the studio, the protagonist will not only influence geopolitics but also his own character, making each playthrough unique and consequential., as part of their ongoing mission to preserve classic titles for future generations, put a lot of effort into bringing this cult game back to life after years of being unavailable for modern audiences. Like all titles on the platform, the game comes DRM-free and packed with additional goodies and features for gamers to enjoy, such as:

  • A licensed soundtrack
  • Achievements support
  • Full controller support (Dualsense, DualShock 4, Nintendo Switch Pro, Xbox Series, or Xbox One controller)
  • Localization support
  • Compatibility with modern operating systems
  • Cloud saves support

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