Embracer Sells Saber Interactive

VGC reports the sale of Saber Interactive following yesterday's indications that the studio was being included in the ongoing fire sale at overextended publisher Embracer. This notes the deal includes 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks and that this means the company will "cease all operations in Russia," even though none of the companies involved in the deal are Russian. Update: Saber Interactive is a US company, but was formed in Russia and apparently still hold interests there (thanks eRe4s3r). The company is being sold to Beacon Interactive, a group of private investors controlled by Saber Interactive co-founder Matthew Karch. A follow-up from Jason Schreier indicates the deal includes the exercise of options to acquire 4A Games and Zen Studios, bringing the price-tag on the deal to around a half-billion dollars. IGN breaks down the boggling number of studios and projects involved in the complicated deal, which sees Embracer retaining publishing rights for 14 Saber games currently in development and Saber taking development of 38 games as it departs. Here's word from Embracer:
Lars Wingefors, co-founder and group CEO of Embracer, called the deal a “win-win solution” for Embracer and the parts of Saber that now leave the embattled company. Wingefors said it was “safeguarding many developer jobs” under the new ownership. Crucially, Wingefors called the Saber deal the “first transaction”, with a deal for Borderlands maker Gearbox to leave Embracer waiting in the wings.