TRIBES 3: Rivals Early Access

Early Access to TRIBES 3: Rivals is now underway on Steam, offering Windows gamers the latest return to the multiplayer shooter gameplay pioneered in 1998's revolutionary Starsiege Tribes. So it includes class-based armor, jetpacks, teamwork, and, of course, skiing. This can all be seen in the Official Early Access Launch Trailer. Here are Patch Notes with changes since beta testing, and read on for the details:
TRIBES 3: Rivals is a team-based first person shooter that elevates the genre with jetpacks, skiing, and class-based warfare.

Players ski, jetpack, battle, and race to capture the enemy team’s flag, all while ferociously defending their own. Players can choose from unique classes to customize their abilities, perks, and weapon loadouts, while moving across epic terrains from snow covered peaks to haunting deserts. Teamwork, tactics, high speed, and intense combat reign supreme in this rebirth of the world’s fastest shooter.