Crusader Kings III: The Legends of the Dead Released

Bring out your dead! The Legends of the Dead expansion is now available for Crusader Kings III, the medieval grand strategy RPG. The Windows, macOS, and Linux version is available on Steam, where the base game is on sale for half-off. This post discusses the add-on, offers up the Release Trailer, and has details on a new version 1.12.1 "Scythe" update for all players. Here's word:
Even the most ancient of bloodlines must be bolstered by stories of greatness. Why should one noble house dominate others, if it has no glorious past to claim? Warriors and diplomats, hunters and saints, all have a place in the chronicles of history and the songs of troubadours. Can you build a legend so powerful that people speak of it centuries later? Secure an everlasting legacy in Crusader Kings III: Legends of the Dead.

Legends of the Dead is the newest core expansion to Paradox Interactive’s award-winning grand-strategy role-playing game of the medieval world. Travel back in time to a world of scheming regents and rival monarchs as they compete for prestige and dynastic power. In Legends of the Dead, you can preserve the legitimacy of your rule through not only great deeds, but the publicity of these deeds, creating a worldwide memory of your actions long after death.

But death comes for us all, and, in this expansion, new epidemics and plagues, including the Black Death, threaten to overshadow the accomplishments of all humankind, covering the earth in sickness and despair.