Dark Sky Announced

Midwest Games announces Dark Sky, a turn-based RPG promising deckbuilding, a "story-rich adventure," and strategic combat when it arrives on Steam in Q3 of this year. This post on Steam explains that this is the new title for a game previously announced with the title Xenotheria, a game that never previously mentioned here, perhaps a justification of the switch. Here's the Official Announcement Trailer and a playable demo will arrive later this month in the Steam Deckbuilder Fest. Here's word:
From former Riot and Wargaming developers at Ganymede Games and publisher Midwest Games, Dark Sky is slated for worldwide release on PC via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store in Q3 2024. Check out the latest demo during the Steam Deckbuilders Fest from March 25 to April 1, 2024!

Devastation reigns on the once peaceful mining planet Wolf Prime after a mysterious force pulls all spacecraft from the sky. Brave the dangerous apocalyptic landscape as Squig and Norton, modest shipyard workers who enlist a team of unlikely heroes to uncover the truth beneath the rubble. As Ganymede Games’ debut game, Dark Sky is the initial chapter in a much larger narrative universe.

Face off with fierce enemies in strategic, party-centric card battles. Create fully customized decks tailored to each of the six playable characters, combine them to inflict debilitating status effects to overpower enemies, and craft and upgrade new cards to unlock powerful abilities like burning lasers and poison darts to breach an enemy’s defenses.