TRIBES 3: Rivals Early Access This Month

An Early Access Announcement/FAQ for TRIBES 3: Rivals reveals the new installment in the venerable first-person shooter series will launch into Early Access on Steam on March 12th. Looking ahead, word is it "may release on the Epic Game Store, PlayStation, and Xbox at a later time," and "may support cross console play in the future." The game listing has system requirements and the FAQ includes details, including this explanation of pricing: "The base edition of TRIBES 3: Rivals will be available for $17.99 on Steam for a limited time, as part of the game’s early access launch. This is a 10% discount off the full game price of $19.99! Premium editions of the TRIBES 3 game will also be available which include additional cosmetics, at a higher price." There's also a reassurance that this will still be approachable for players new to the franchise: "Absolutely! TRIBES 3 has a lot in common with most first person shooters, and skiing and jetpacking can be learned quickly. We also offer in-game tutorials so you can easily practice, and our community is always happy to give tips and advice to new players." Here's the previously released Early Access Announcement Trailer along with an overview of the game:
TRIBES 3: Rivals is a team-based first person shooter that elevates the genre with jetpacks, skiing, and class-based warfare.

Players ski, jetpack, battle, and race to capture the enemy team’s flag, all while ferociously defending their own. Players can choose from unique classes to customize their abilities, perks, and weapon loadouts, while moving across epic terrains from snow covered peaks to haunting deserts. Teamwork, tactics, high speed, and intense combat reign supreme in this rebirth of the world’s fastest shooter.