Get Space Crew for Free

Space Crew: Legendary Edition for Windows, macOS, and Linux is now available for free on Steam, offering the chance to defend the galaxy from the rest of the galaxy in this action/strategy game from Runner Duck. If you want to make this a five-year mission, you're covered, as it's for keeps as long as you snag it in your tractor beam over the next two weeks. Here's the captain's log:
You are a captain in the United Defense Force, captain of your own star ship. Recruit your crew, customise your ship and head out to explore the galaxy, defending Earth against the mysterious extraterrestrial threat, known as the Phasmids! There will be challenges ahead. Crew members will be lost. Dangerous missions must be undertaken. Galactic Legends will be made!

Travel through the galaxy to defeat the threat to humankind across a range of sorties, including reconnaissance, bounty hunts, reclamation and NEW Away Team missions. Train your crew into an elite fighting force from Captain to Comms Officer to tackle stressful and deadly situations such as fighter attack and ship invasions, whilst also repairing systems and putting out the odd fire or two! Customise and upgrade your spaceship with improved weapons, armour, engines and more (even a custom paint job for extra style!)