No Rest for the Wicked Early Access in April

At the promised presentation for No Rest for the Wicked, Moon Studios announced its action/RPG will enter Steam Early Access on April 18th. You can view the entire presentation right here and there's a recap on the official website. The PlayStation.Blog has details on the game and commentary from the developers, and there's more on Game Informer, where it is their latest Cover Story. Here's word on the plan:
No Rest for the Wicked takes place in a dark medieval fantasy world where a deadly plague has befallen an island community, transforming citizens into monsters. You play a chosen warrior to fight against this blight. Combing elements of Diablo, Dark Souls, and even Animal Crossing, you’ll fight for survival while restoring the town of Sacrament. No Rest for the Wicked also happens to be Game Informer’s latest cover story.

Although No Rest for the Wicked will be on Steam via Early Access for the foreseeable future, the game will come to consoles when it eventually launches into 1.0. Our digital cover story launches on March 5, and you can keep an eye out for exclusive features and videos in our cover story hub.