Embers Adrift Free Trial

A post to the Embers Adrift Forums embeds this trailer revealing the chance to try the indie MMORPG for free begins at 1:00 pm EST today. You can join in on the action through the official website. This forum post discusses the changes and improvements in the latest patch and provides details on the free trial and the game:
While cash shops and pay-to-win tactics make companies a lot of money, we still don’t believe they are a net positive for MMOs in general and refuse to put them into our game, even with a free trial! Players will have full access to 3 areas: Newhaven Valley, our first dungeon - Central Veins 1, and Newhaven City. There are multiple quests, solo and group content, tasks, lore discoveries, bosses, and rare items to hunt in these areas and we are happy to invite all MMORPG players to come and check out Embers Adrift to find out if it is a game they can call home! More info can be found about the details of our free trial in the patch notes linked below.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Embers Adrift it is a challenge-driven MMORPG where players can experience over 1000 hours of entertainment on a single character. With quests that have multiple outcomes, hundreds of rare mobs and thousands of rare/quest items, and a steady stream of new content coming out on a steady schedule. It’s never been easier to find long-term entertainment at a great price.