Paranormal Activity: Found Footage Announced

DreadXP and Paramount Game Studios announce Paranormal Activity: Found Footage, an upcoming rush to cash in on Paranormal Activity, the 2007 horror film. This is in the works at DarkStone Digital (The Mortuary Assistant) for release in 2026. The Reveal Teaser is here, but there's no found footage to be found, just some logos, static, and background noise. Although it's not that unusual for there to be clues, or even an entire ARG, hidden in this kind of clip for this kind of game, so there may yet be more to the video. Here's more on the game:
DreadXP’s Paranormal Activity video game will bring the franchise's groundbreaking found-footage style to horror enthusiasts in surprising new ways, immersing them in a story that expands upon the lore and world of the films. DreadXP co-director and creative director Brian Clarke (AKA DarkStone Digital), the developer of the acclaimed The Mortuary Assistant, leads the development of Paranormal Activity. The game will feature an advanced “Haunt System,” which will dynamically alter the types and intensity of scares players will encounter based on their actions.