Tamarak Trail Released

Tamarak Trail has hit the trail, as this deckbuilding roguelike is now available for Windows on GOG.com* and Steam as well as for consoles. This is the chance to roll your own, as in addition to cards it features customizable dice to decide the outcomes of your encounters. The Launch Trailer takes a narrated look at gameplay, which you can experience firsthand thanks to the playable demo. Here's more:
In Tamarak Trail there are a multitude of modifiers in place to create your own combat dice. Status effects enhance your abilities, and bounce modifiers allow you to knock your dice together to amplify your powers. Be forewarned though, that bounces will also increase your resolve cost, so use them wisely. Dice can be further modified with flips, allowing you to spin a die in a specific direction to create combos. You can even customize your dice in the Dice Forge to craft your own “infinite combo”! That’s not all, as dice can be modified with Dice Cores, which add passive buffs like added defense. Find a play style that suits you!
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