Wizdom Academy Announced

Swiss developer Kipwak Studio announces Wizdom Academy, which will task players with building a city as well as running a magic school, as Hogwarts may just be the new Vikings as the gaming inspiration of the moment. This will come to Windows and macOS via Steam, where it's listed as "coming soon." The Teaser Trailer is here to introduce things with a Scorsese-inspired tracking shot and a first look at the game. Here's more:
Today, independent Swiss developer Kipwak Studio is excited to share a new trailer for its magical management game, Wizdom Academy! In this wizarding city builder, you’ll build your school, recruit staff and students, and do everything in your power to satisfy the school board while attempting to uncover the mystery of the recent mana droughts.

Mana, the magical lifeblood of the magical community, is becoming increasingly scarce. But the wizarding ways must continue to be taught, no matter what! As the Headmaster, you build and manage your wizarding school your way, making meaningful strategic decisions, customizing your castle, and progressing through a comprehensive tech tree. Tend to the needs of staff and students to avoid being overrun with fights, vandalism, and pranks. And learn how to harvest and manage your mana supply to complete magical tasks. With your school growing and the mana droughts becoming more severe, are you able to rise above the challenges in order to build, manage, and thrive?