Timemelters Released

Where does the time melt? Timemelters is now out of Early Access, and version 1.0 of this time-traveling hero defense game is available for Windows on Steam. Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 editions are also in the works, and expected later this year. Here's the Launch Trailer with a look, and you can also experience gameplay first hand through the playable demo. Here are some details:
Grand Winner at the Ubisoft Indie Contest 2022, Gold Winner of Best Indie Game at NYX 2023, and winner of the Technological Innovation Award at MIGS 2023, TimeMelters features a unique time-shifting mechanic that allows players to rewind the clock and fight alongside their past selves to prevent doomsday after it’s happened. Scheme strategies and explore co-op game mechanics like aggro or support while playing solo. Better yet, enlist the help of a real-life buddy for free with the Friend Pass - only one copy of the game is required!

Rewind, fast forward, and pause version 1.0’s new revamped missions with spellbinding abilities on your own or as a duo. Experience real-time action-strategy gameplay across distinct single-player and co-op campaigns that twist time in never-before-seen ways. Solve puzzles, defeat bosses, and defend massive territories to gradually enhance your magic with the skill tree. Think fast with 40 mind-bending challenges and top the leaderboards in TimeMelters’ speedrun mode. The past, present, and future are in flux. Harness the hourglass before time slips away.