Age of Wonders 4: Primal Fury Released

Primal Fury is now available as new DLC for Age of Wonders 4, the fantasy strategy sequel from Triumph Games for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. The Windows edition is on the Epic Games Store,,* and Steam, depending on where you own the base game (which is required). This should already be in the libraries of those purchased Premium Edition of the game or its expansion pass, and it comes along with a new patch for all players that adds user-requested changes. All the sound and fury the DLC brings is on display in this Release Trailer, and here's word:
In addition to Primal Fury, all players of Age of Wonders 4 will receive today’s free Wolf Update, containing features, improvements, and game changes requested by the Age of Wonders community. Featuring a reworked necromancy system, offers of War Bounties to coax allies to your side, and a brand-new random item generator for hero gear, the free update will add new layers and options to the award-winning fantasy strategy title. Paradox will offer all players a chance to try the incredible worlds of Age of Wonders 4 during a free-to-play period on Xbox Game Pass from February 29 to March 4, 2024.

In the Age of Wonders 4: Primal Fury content pack, players will discover new ways to conquer the realms, and bring the land itself under their control. The new Primal Culture will enable rulers to channel a Primal Animal that shapes their empire, both physically and spiritually. The Tome of Fey Mists and the Tome of the Stormborne, both added in Primal Fury, include new spells to conceal troops in magical fog, gain advantages over seas and shorelines, and even transform armies into fearsome nagas.
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