Steam Dinos vs. Robots Fest

A Steam Dinos vs. Robots Fest is now underway, kicking off a week-long celebration this specific slice of the gaming scene. To be clear, despite the title, the games in the fest can feature either robots or dinosaurs, so both are (obviously) welcome, but not required. Between now and March 4th, players can expect discounts, presentations, and demos. There are also free stickers for the fest in the Points Shop. Here's the Official Trailer introducing the event in Valve's typically light-hearted style. The description has a good overview:
Steam’s Dinos vs. Robots Fest kicks off a full week of discounts, demos, and all sorts of fun! You’ll find games with dinosaurs; games with robots; even games with dinosaurs AND robots.

How many lame movie references can we cram into 55 seconds? (Hint: It’s more than we’re proud of.)

Steam’s Dinos vs. Robots Fest, roaring and beep-bop-booping its way to your fingertips from February 26th through March 4th at 10am Pacific.