Another Once Human Beta Next Month

Starry Studios announces PC beta testing for Once Human will resume on March 28th, coming alongside the launch of a mobile edition of this supernatural multiplayer game inspired by the work of the SCP Foundation. The beta will highlight new gameplay elements, a new creature, and a new area and interested players can sign right here. The news comes with an Official Multiplayer Trailer that's slightly janky and more than slightly weird. Here's word on the weirdness:
With the announcement of the Beta, Once Human released an exciting new trailer, which demonstrates the numerous in-game multiplayer gameplay modes available as players team up to explore the anomalous world and gather resources to build their shelter. They can also delve into aberration-ridden caves, board long-legged buses in search of treasure, and defend their territory from monsters alongside their comrades.

At the end of the video, a player is accompanied by a magic alpaca, who instantly produces a rabbit from a hat that can be used as a food source, making people wonder if this could be a clue that a pet or companion gameplay will be coming in the future.