On Overwatch 2 Changes

Noting Season 9 for Overwatch 2 is at the halfway point, a new Director's Take on Blizzard News discusses the effects of some of the recent changes in the multiplayer shooter along with a look at plans for more in the future. Here's a bit with the interesting factoid that ranked play has surpassed quick play as the game's most popular mode:
Let's talk about the reworked Competitive Play system, which also launched with Season 9. There's been a lot of excitement around it. In fact, there's been a pretty sizeable shift in our player population because of it. Previously, Quick Play was the most popular mode in Overwatch. It accounted for roughly 40% of the total match hours in the game, while Competitive Play sat at around 35%. Those numbers have since shifted, and Competitive Play now makes up about 45% of match hours, with Quick Play around 32%. An interesting thing to note here is that the total number of hours that people are playing Quick Play isn't down; it's just that people are playing a lot more Competitive Play! We're really excited about this and take it as confirmation that people would like to see more changes and improvements to that side of the game, as well as systemic PvP improvements.