Solium Infernum Released

Solium Infernum is now available on Steam, offering a grand strategy game for Windows from League of Geeks. This remake of a 2009 game of the same name pits players in the hellish world of the politics of Hell. Here's the new Official Launch Trailer along with this previously released video discussing the reasons for remaking what it calls "the most unique strategy game we've ever played." This post discusses how the 4X game could be a 4D game (Deceive, Dominate, Destroy, and Dick Over). Here's more:
In Solium Infernum, players assume the role of one of Hell’s eight great Archfiends. They must outwit and outmanoeuvre their rivals to claim the vacant Infernal Throne through the mastery of devious political and military strategy. With a wealth of tactics awaiting their disposal, players have to bluff, backstab, and sow betrayal on their path to victory.

The game boasts diverse multiplayer modes, accommodating both time-strapped players and those seeking extended strategic encounters. Asynchronous multiplayer matches support up to six players with turns taken across several days or weeks and requiring just a few minutes to play every day. For strategy fans favouring immediate action, real-time multiplayer is also available.