The Political Machine 2024 Playtest for Preorders

The Political Machine 2024 shows a May 2024 release window on Steam, but preorder customers can play the new installment in the politics simulator right now thanks to a Steam Playtest. This chance to play the game while development concludes sounds just like Early Access, but does not carry that label. Here's more on this chance to live fun of the upcoming US presidential election over and over:
Stardock announced that the latest iteration of its hit political strategy series, The Political Machineā„¢ 2024 entered its playtest phase today. The game, which allows players to simulate a run for the American presidency, features an updated roster of politicians and introduces new gameplay mechanics that reflect the ever-evolving landscape of U.S. politics.

The Political Machine 2024 allows players to step into the shoes of current political figures like Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, and Nikki Haley, or create a fully customized candidate through the game's character customization system.