HITMAN World of Assassination Season of Undying

IO Interactive announces the return of the chance to kill Sean Bean dead as a meme in HITMAN World of Assassination as The Undying mission featuring the always dying actor as an Elusive Target is returning for a limited time as part of the Season of Undying. The chance to shoot Bean in the bean will be available to everyone as part of the game's free starter pack for about four weeks beginning March 22nd. Here's more:
Welcome to HITMAN 2024! Beginning with the Season of Undying. We’re bringing a range of exciting new content, as well as the highly requested return of The Undying, featuring Sean Bean, which will be free to play for all for the first time ever. Additionally, we are introducing a new Twitch Drop, new challenges, returning Elusive Targets, player-curated contracts, and a game update within this Season.