Beholder: Conductor Announced

Alwar announces Beholder: Conductor, an upcoming political sim that's a spin-off of, but not a direct sequel to, the Beholder series. In this variation on the bureaucracy simulation, you play as a train conductor tasked with additional totalitarian missions besides keeping the trains running on time, such as monitoring passengers, reporting suspicions, and even carrying out government assignments. Behold the Announcement Teaser for a vague first look, and train your eyes on the following details for more:
Beholder: Conductor is a strategic, choice-based political sim, much like its predecessors. While it’s not directly related to the story in previous games, players can expect similar gameplay that has made the franchise popular! Make difficult decisions determining the fate of passengers and your colleagues - walk over their heads up the career ladder or go all the way with crystal-clean karma. What kind of person will you be at the end of the journey? The choice is yours!