More Planned Overwatch 2 Changes

A Director's Take on the Overwatch Website has a follow-up to yesterday's post on revitalizing Overwatch 2. This post from game director Aaron Keller adds more details to the plan based on feedback to the initial announcement. He also outlines changes coming with a few key goals: To make shooting feel better and more consistent, to reduce the effectiveness of both burst damage and in-combat healing, and to give damage heroes more agency in securing eliminations. Here's a bit more on these plans to reinvigorate the multiplayer shooter:
We've made changes to address each one of these. We've added health to all heroes in the game in order to reduce the effect of burst damage, as well as reduce the number of heroes that can effectively one-shot each other. In addition, we've made most of the projectiles in the game slightly larger, which makes it easier to land a shot on other players. This was partially done to compensate for the health increase - to spread damage out to make it feel more consistent. Additionally, Overwatch is a fast-paced game, our heroes are incredibly nimble, and landing shots can feel inconsistent.

We've also added a new passive to the Damage Role that decreases healing done to players that they've damaged recently. The idea here is to give Damage players an increased ability to secure kills as well as to mitigate the abilities of Support heroes to keep targets alive. This should also give Damage heroes an advantage when facing off against Supports.