HELLDIVERS 2 Known Issues

A post from Arrowhead Game Studios has a list of current known issues in HELLDIVERS 2, the third-person shooter that launched yesterday with a few issues (thanks MP1st). This rundown of problems includes suggested workarounds for now along with details on what has been done or is still to do on its end to put things right. Topic include quickplay not working, crashes after successful matchmaking, problems with AMD Radeon 7000-series GPUs, getting stuck on "Press Any Button" on the splash screen, and the game failing to launch for a small percentage of players due to GameGuard false positives. DRM-induced problems are among those for which gamers have the least patience/sympathy, so here's more on what's going on with GameGuard:
What We’ve Done / Are Doing: We’re working with the anticheat vendor to see what adaptations we can make. When we do have solutions, those will be rolled out automatically via the anticheat on game start.

What Players Can Do: We’ve learned that one workaround is to close other running software. We’ve found that the game has a particular challenge running alongside antivirus, fan cooling, or streaming video overlay programs. We would love to have some community support here. If you identify programs that the anticheat software can’t get past, can you let us know? We can work on getting those legitimate programs whitelisted so you can keep them on and still run the game.