Palworld Early Access Underway

Early Access to Palworld is now underway on Steam, giving players the chance to play Pocketpair's in-development multiplayer crafting/survival Windows game. The launch carries a 10% discount for the next seven days. Those playing on GeForce graphics cards should check out the new drivers from this week that add support for this. The Early Access Launch Trailer introduces the surreal natural beauty Palworld and its inhabitants before segueing to the part where you shoot everything in sight, craft beautiful bases, befriend and ride "Pals," shoot everything in sight, and shoot everything in sight. That all seems pretty straightforward until you get to the point where you start eating your Pals:
Palworld is an open-world survival crafting monster-collecting game that supports up to 32 players and is set in a world where mysterious creatures called "Pals" live.

Along your adventures, you will encounter many Pals. Capture them, make them work, fight, breed and even sell them. You can adventure in a large world alongside your Pals.