SMITE 2 Announced

This post announces SMITE 2, an upcoming sequel to the third-person MOBA where you play as a mythological deity. It says this is a true sequel created from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5 coming to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, but it will not replace the original SMITE, which will continue on as before. There's an Official Reveal Trailer directing players interested in alpha testing this spring to sign up on the SMITE 2 Website. The Windows edition can be wishlisted on the Epic Games Store and Steam, and each carries a "coming soon" release date. The description will sound familiar to current SMITE players: "Choose your God from across mythology and wield unique godly abilities. Hurl bolts of lightning as Zeus, master the arcane powers of death as Anubis, or backstab your foes as Loki." There's a post on the PlayStation.Blog where developer Titan Forge Games discusses the news, including what existing SMITE players should and shouldn't expect to carry over into the follow-up:
Every gem that you have spent in Smite, including free gems, will also be waiting for you in Smite 2. Those Legacy Gems can be used in Smite 2 to pay for up to 50% of most new purchases – things like skins, battle passes, and events.

You’ll also have more waiting for you in Smite 2 through the Divine Legacy system, launching in Smite 1 on January 23. This system analyzes your accomplishments and grants rewards like new, Unreal 5 versions of classic Smite skins – all free. If you’re a longtime Smite player, you’ll have most of this unlocked on day one. If you’re new, don’t worry; you can still unlock all Divine Legacy rewards and a free unlimited Tier 5 skin of your choosing in Smite.

Your Smite 1 achievements will also be recognized in Smite 2, through a series of badges. You’ll be able to show off your hard-earned God Mastery level and Stars!