Total War: PHARAOH Partial Refunds and WARHAMMER III DLC Changes

A post to the Total War Blog from Roger Collum and the Total War leadership team offers apologies for failing to meet player expectations with the recent Shadows of Change DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER III as well as disappointment with the launch of Total War: PHARAOH. This takes ownership of mistakes that led to all this hand-wringing, and outlines plans to better listen to the community in the future. Word is a major update for Shadows of Change is planned for February and its content will be part of that package after that. Also, the Thrones of Decay DLC is being delayed to avoid a repeat of this situation, and is now expected in April. As for Total War: PHARAOH, the Egyptian installment in the historical strategy series is receiving a price cut, and those who purchased it before this takes effect will receive a partial refund reflecting the difference. This is detailed in the updated Total War: PHARAOH FAQ. Additionally, what was planned as the game's first paid DLC will now come early next year as a free update for all players. Here's more on efforts to make things right:
We have now begun the process of reassessing what comes next for PHARAOH, and while we don’t have all the answers today, we want to make it clear to you that we’re not closing the door on other, more ambitious updates to the game in the future. We’ve still got big plans, but we want to be honest with you in saying that we need to spend more time with them before putting them out on show.

Whilst we have removed the Dynasty Edition of the game from our lineup and have internally changed up our plans for what we go on to do next, we’ll still be releasing incremental updates to the game that help to bring fixes and changes to the core experience along the way. One plan that we’ve always had since the early stages of development on PHARAOH is to expand the size of our campaign map as a free update, and to introduce even more factions and cultures to the game. We’ll have more to say, and to show, what that looks like in the new year after our next update for PHARAOH releases.