World of Goo 2 Next Year

The World of Goo 2 Website is online, revealing plans for a sequel to gooey puzzle/platformer World of Goo. It offers the first Official Trailer with a look at gameplay, and word to expect this to launch next year. Word is that after 15 years, this is still being made by: "The same people that made the first one! 2DBOY has teamed up with Tomorrow Corporation, along with a squad of talented friends. This is the biggest game we've ever made." There are links to how to follow development and more answers in a FAQ. Here's a bit:
How did you fit so much goo into this game?
Computers have come a long way in the last 15 years!

Help! I installed something I found on the internet called worldofg002-&@%-realgame.exe and now my computer is on fire?
World of Goo 2 has not yet been released. It will come out soon, in 2024.